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From left to right: Hans van de Donk, Job Vissers, Rosa Geveling, Robert Kint, Mellany van Heijningen, Stéphanie Vergeer, Ingeborg Schreur


The Vereniging of Scheikundige Ingenieurs Eindhoven (VSI/e) was founded in 1994, and counts at the moment approximately 500 members. Our most important goal is to enhance the network between engineers from Eindhoven and to connect the graduates with the TU/e and chemical faculty. The value of this network for our members is big, both in a professional as a personal sense. Members of our association are informed about the ins and outs of our faculty and they can meet each other during reunions, lectures, or our annual general membership meeting. The VSI/e represents chemical engineers who have studied Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the TU/e.

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Board 2020 

Mellany van Heijningen  - Chairman

My name is Mellany, born in 1986 in Weert. After graduating from the VWO  Bisschoppelijk College Weert in 2005, I have started with Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Eindhoven University of Technology. During this study I have done my internship at IBM Alamden in San Jose, under guidance of dr. J.L. Hedrick. I finished the master phase  in 2010 with a project in the group of Molecular Science and Technology. I did research to supramolecular hydrogels modified with ureidopyrimidinone under guidance of P.Y.W. Dankers and prof.dr. E.W. Meijer.


After this, I started my PhD with Biomedicial Technology and the Institute ofr Complex Molecular Systems, staying in the same group under the same professors. During this period supramoleculare biomaterials were investigated based on Upy-polymers guest Q8-FCG systems. After my promotion I became a mother and I started as a lean consultant at Johnson & Johnson.  At J&J I have reived my  Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt and finished a greenbelt project on the analytical lab.  After a year at J&J I got my second baby and from Jan 2018 I started at Aspen Oss as a QA Compliance officer sourcing. 

Koen Kuijpers  - Secretary

Hi! I am Koen Kuijpers, born in Den Bosch and raised in Vught (a village close by Den Bosch). Here I finished high school at Maurick College. At that time I liked to spend my free time running or playing football. In 2009 I started to study Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, of course in Eindhoven. Besides studying, I decided to become active in organizing extracurricular activities, mostly for the study association Japie. Amongst other things, I was part of the F.O.R.T. committee, the board of Japie and I organized a study tour to South Africa. Furthermore I was part of the faculty council and helped in organizing multiple summer schools.


In 2016 I started my PhD in the group of prof. dr. Timothy Noël. My research focusses on continuous flow (micro)reactor design and scale-up for photocatalysis. In my spare time I like to go biking: you can always join me during the annual Maastricht-Eindhoven race hosted by the CE&C faculty. I also like to join a pub quiz.

Stéphanie Vergeer - Treasurer

I am Stéphanie Vergeer, the treasurer of the VSI/e. I was asked in 2017 to become a board member of the VSI/e. I will tell a little something about myself. I was born in Roermond in 1989. Went to school in Horn at SG St Ursula and followed courses like chemistry, physics, biology and economics. I passed my exam in 2007, and after I started at the Eindhoven University of Technology, studying Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. This because in 2006, I have joined the VWO-werkweek, which is organized every year. I did my masters in the group of SFD, Kees Bastiaansen, and worked on LC coatings which change shape upon temperature differences. After the gradation project I did my internship at Merck Southampton. I was there for 5 months. After finishing my internship I started with a traineeship called Eerst de Klas, and this lasted 2 years. Within this period I have received my teaching degree (Chemistry) and was offered a lot of leadership trainings. Also, I did a project within a company, all while teaching Gymnasium high school students in Breda at the same time. After 2 years, I wanted something else, and I joined ASML in the Global Training Center for Customer Support. After 3,5 years, I have become the skills and certification specialist for Knowledge Management. At the moment I live in Eindhoven with my husband and 2 daughters.

Dannie van Osch - Board member 

My name is Dannie van Osch. Currently, I am a postdoc at the Inorganic Materials and Catalysis group and the Chief Business Officer of the startup Vertoro. Next of becoming a board member of the VSI/e, I am a board member of the Young Alumni Network (YAN). 

YAN organizes workshops, lectures company visits, but also informal gatherings with as goal to get a strong network of young alumni and to learn from others. Moreover, we hope that by organizing events for alumni they also stay connected to the TU/e. The major difference with the VSI/e? It is for and by young alumni.

Harrie van de Westelaken - Board member

My name is Harrie van de Westelaken, living in Arnhem area, married and proud father of 3 grown up children and grandfather of 5. My hobbies are gardening, walking and travelling with our caravan.

Born in 1944 at St. Michielsgestel, a nice village near Den Bosch. Finished high school (HBS-b) at the St. Janslyceum at Den Bosch. Started in 1962 Chemical Engineering at our TU/e and graduated in 1968 on a subject related to scaling up of a petrochemical plant.
I started in 1969 my professional career in the food industry at Unilever, followed by Numico and ADM/Pura Foods UK. My career path went from process development engineer, production manager to plant manager. In 1994 I became self-employed and started my own Company, HCW Consultancy, with focus on (interim) operational management. As consultant I have been working for several food companies, such as Bolletje, Johma Salads and Swinkels Family Brewers. Nowadays my main focus is on management coaching and talent development.My personal main areas of interest are sustainability and fighting climate change. But also the relevance of a well-balanced food consumption for vitality, in particular for children and adults.

In the community where we live, I am active as chairman for a foundation supplying “Culture” education at primary and secondary schools.

My enduring interest for science and its application, brings me now back to the TU/e, the university which has given me the opportunity to develop my skills in this area.

Jord Jansen - Board member

Hey! My name is Jord Jansen and from September onwards I will be part of the VSI/e board. Like every year, the chairman of Japie is also part of the VSI/e board. Next year this will be me on behalf of the 62nd board of T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’. I hope to finish my Bachelor in the coming weeks, as I am currently in the final stage of my graduation project.


Next year I will spend a year full time as a board member for Japie. Together with 3 other students, we will organize a lot of different activities during the year for all other Chemical Engineering and Chemistry students, almost 100 activities a year! In my free time I like to spend time with friends and do or watch sports. Ever since I was little I played soccer, I was a goalkeeper. Next to that I spend some years doing judo, mountain biking and weightlifting. Currently I am practicing cycle racing for the annual Maastricht-Eindhoven race. I hope to see you there!