On this page you will find the activities we will organize and have organized, and the planning for all new activities in 2021! We hope to welcome you soon at one of our events!

VSI/e Career evening - November 17th - UPDATE

This years career evening will be DIGITAL, all of the speakers will join digitally. 

We have an excellent speaker line-up for this years career evening. The speakers are Marjan van Loon, President-Directeur Shell Nederland, Marloes Peeters, Deputy Director of Chemical Engineering and Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University and Ferdinand Leeger, Patent Attorney at Octrooibureau Los en Stigter B.V. 

As in previous years this event is open for member of the VSI/e and Japie! 

The program on November 17th is composed of:

  • 20h00 - Joining the Teams event and intro by the VSI/e
  • 20h10 - Presentation by Marjan van Loon 
  • 20h35 - Presentation by Marloes Peeters  
  • 21h00 - Presentation by Ferdinand Leeger
  • 21h25 - Digital networking

Subscription is possible via the form below. Deadline for registration is November 15th! 

VSI/e Theme Evening


Due to illness of one of the key speakers the theme evening is unfortunately postponed to 2022.

VSI/e Theme Evening - Date to be determined

Hopefully, (if the COVID19 measures allow) we can meet live for the VSI/e theme evening. This year our own faculty will be put in the spotlight. René Janssen, Fausto Galluci and Fernanda Neira D'Angelo will tell us all about their research and their future vision.


  • 18h00 - Welcome and coffee
  • 18h30 - Intro by VSI/e
  • 18h45 - Fausto Gallucci -
    • An overview and strategy of the CEC faculty
    • Overview of the group Inorganic Membranes and Membrane Reactors
  • 19h30 - Break  
  • 19h45 - Fernanda Neira D'Angelo
    • Overview of the group Sustainable Process Engineering 
  • 20h15 - René Janssen
    • Overview of the group Molecular Materials and Nanosystems
  • 20h45 - Conclusions
  • 21h00 - Networking and Drinks @ F.O.R.T. 


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Year Overview 2020

January 31st – VSI/e GMM

On the 31st of January last year, 29 alumni gathered at Popei on Strijp S in Eindhoven. Before the serious meeting, the board arranged a walking tour through the Strijp S neighbourhood. Two tour guides told us all about the new up and coming part of the city, which has a lot of industrial history as well.

In the evening the general members meeting really kicked off. During this meeting the financial report of 2019 was approved and the budget plan of 2020 was agreed upon. Yoran Zonneveld left the financial control committee as his term ended. He is succeeded by John Heynen.

A discussion was raised about the annual membership contribution. 

Finally their were some switches in the board. Ingeborg Schreur-Piet and Job Vissers stepped down and Dannie van Osch and Harrie van de Westerlaken joined the VSI/e board. Harrie will focus his tasks on external relationships, while Dannie will maintain the contact with TU/e and will organize activities.

After the official gathering, it was time for some drinks...

May 22th – Online Pubquiz

May 22nd was a historical day for the VSI/e, the first event that we organized online! As known to all of you, Covid-19 complicated organizing ‘live-events’, so the board of the VSI/e decided to organize an online pubquiz. We had no experience with this, but like always in the VSI/e we had the ‘just do it’ attitude. All the board members prepared some questions and a nice movie. We hoped that this new online type of activity would attract many members. With about 40 people divided over 9 registered teams it became a big success. Especially the fact that teams not only came from large parts of the Netherlands, but even from abroad: this made it a very special and successful event. We got a lot of very positive feedback, so…

We decided to organize also an online pubquiz next year! We are looking forward to it and we hope that all of you will join then!

September 17th – Cycling with Japie Maastricht-Eindhoven

As happens every third Thursday of the new academic year, the cycling tour from the statue of Jan Pieter Minckelers in Maastricht to the study association named after this person located in Eindhoven took place. A trip of 119 km was scheduled with some decent climbs incorporated in the route.

Also this year, there were a few brave alumni who were up for the challenge. However, some people thought this was not quite the challenge, so a group of four chose to even cycle to Maastricht, including a VSI/e member. The majority of the participants decided it was wise to take the train towards Maastricht early in the morning. This included of course the Huismeester, Michael Scheepers, who arranged the bicycle transport to Maastricht.

Also a new guest showed up, no-one less than the dean Emiel Hensen put on his cycling gear and faced the steep ‘mountains’ of Maastricht. Of course, the board of T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’ could not be missing. With a group of around 25 people, a beautiful trip was made through the south of the Netherlands and partly Belgium. With a stop at one of the few opened Belgium cafeterias and one just in front of the Achelse Kluis. Surprisingly, no one opted for a beer with still 30 km remaining. Once arrived in Eindhoven a drink was organized exclusively for the sportsmen and -women, so distance could be kept between the participant. They could enjoy some soup at the side as a BBQ was not possible with the COVID19 regulations. Nevertheless, everybody still enjoyed a day filled with exercise, beautiful sights and chitchat.

October 7th – Online Theme Evening

On October 7th the VSI/e board organized an on-line theme event “Sustainability in Business”. This topic has become more and more a prerequisite for doing business. Therefore, we chose to organize a gathering that covered this subject.

We were very pleased that we could attract two top speakers: Dr. Boukje Huijben, Assistant Professor in Sustainable Business Model Innovation at our TU/e and Mr. Jose Villalon, Corporate Sustainability Director at Nutreco. Nutreco has its Head Quarters at Amersfoort (NL), employs over 12,000 people in more than 37 countries across the globe and is a global supplier of fish feed for salmon- and shrimp farms (see

 he audience did not only exist of members of Japie and VSI/e. Also other TU/e Alumni and students of the department Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Marketing (ITEM), where Boukje is lecturing, joined the online meeting.

Each speaker presented a very interesting lecture. Subsequently both speakers debated on each other’s presentations, which led to an interesting exchange on views and opinions. Indeed a nice mix of scientific development and innovation and the practice in a large multinational operating in the food industry.

November 18th – Online Career evening

On November 18th the yearly career evening was organized by the VSI/e. Due to the Covid-19 situation we are currently facing, also this event was a full online event. During the evening Yoran Zonneveld, Aukje Doornbos and Wan Hon Chu shared their careers, which respectively were graduated in 2014, 2004 and 1994. It was a lively evening with a lot of questions and participants from all over the world. At the top of the event, 53 participant were present in the Teams meeting. After the presentations of the speakers, three break out sessions were started to further discuss the careers. Although we hope to organize the career evening in real life in 2021, we also want to organize it partially online so that again people from all over the world can participate.

We hope to see all of you next year!